I’m in Love

I’m in Love

I’m in love with God.
I have no problem with who He is or what
He wants from me. He gives me everything and more.
He’s given me the moon, under which I sing and whisper
to Him softly. He’s given me this moment in which
I dance to His words, then fall to my knees, weeping loudly
for His grace, the taste of which has no comparison,
does not diminish, and requires no down payment.

I’m in love with life. Not the world,
mind you, but life itself, the livingness of it,
the perfection in each human’s creation, Whose
image they carry. None elevated more than another, none
more or less precious, all jewels in His sight, all
desired for family.

I’m in love with your life.
There’s no taking it for granted in me.
This is what we’ve got to do our duty, to serve
and to love, to share the best news ever,
to become
that family
that He longs for,
that He beckons to,
that He embraces when we simply
garb ourselves in humility,
let go of what we thought we knew,
and come to Him.

Simply come.
And stay forever.

24 April 2015

I'm in Love | Fireseed Ministries

I'm in Love