About Fireseed Ministries

About Fireseed Ministries

About Fireseed Ministries: Daniel & Kristalyn PacFireseed Ministries is the husband and wife duo of Daniel and Kristalyn Pac, located in Western Massachusetts. Our ministries include preaching, Bible teaching, music, conversation, and good works, with the intention of sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ.

That good news is the fact that when Jesus died on a cross almost 2000 years ago, He did it with a purpose that relates to you and to every one of us. When He died, He took the punishment for every wrong thing you have ever done, so that if you simply trust Him, you don’t have to receive that punishment yourself. Instead, by trusting in Him and what He did, you can be forgiven of all your wrong-doings and restored to a loving relationship with your Creator, the Almighty God. That means you will be able to live with Him in eternity after you die. Jesus was able to do this, because He was God-in-the-flesh both fully man and fully God, God’s finest miracle yet. You can read more about that here.

Back to Fireseed. We are a NO profit organization ~ we ask no money for do what we do here. We are here simply for the glory of God and the edification of humans: love for our Saviour and humanity.

Daniel is in charge of formal Bible teaching, and we intend to provide plenty on this website over time. Kristalyn is in charge of the website as a whole. We create the material for it together.

We both are musicians and composers, focused currently on writing scripture songs, which we also intend to provide as we develop our video ministry. We are both available for conversation about the meaning, message, and importance of Jesus Christ and the Bible, His love letter to humankind. You can read our brief testimony here.

When not doing ministry, Daniel works as a machine operator in a plastic factor, making useful things out of plastic such as bullet-proof windows and the film on the front of your cell phone. Kristalyn is in charge of the homestead, keeping the garden and preserving its crops, making applesauce by the gallon, sewing bags and dresses and what-not, blending salves to heal what’s bruised, mending what’s torn, cleaning what’s grimy, and doing it all in the joy of the Lord. She also teaches violin.

We live to serve Jesus our Saviour who has given us everything, and that is why we are here!

About Fireseed Ministries