Welcome to Fireseed Ministries!

Welcome to Fireseed Ministries!

Fireseed Ministries is here to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are a couple who were professional teachers of Paganism and Witchcraft in multiple traditions until 2013, when Jesus entered in and rocked our world and our lives. We began to study about Him and decided He was who He claims to be ~ the way, the truth, and the life, and the only way to God, for He is God. We put our trust in Him and in return received peace, joy, purpose, security, love, and the promise of eternal life with the God of the universe. As seekers, we left behind seeking and entered into His rest, as we finally found that for which we had been seeking all along ~ communion with our Creator.

We offer our testimony, Bible teaching, music, and the willingness to answer genuine questions about God and the Bible. Our intention is to demonstrate the love of Christ through our words, our actions, and our whole lives, and to inspire people to receive the reconciliation to God that Jesus along offers.

Our prayer is that God will bless all honest seekers who visit here with hope and truth.




Listen to an original Fireseed song in praise of the Lord:

“O My Soul” is an original song that reveals the true heart of God and His desire to be reconciled to each and every person through His Son, Jesus Christ. The lyrics for the chorus are taken from the beginning of Mary’s Song, the praise she sings to the Lord upon receiving prophecy from her cousin, Elisabeth (Luke 1:46), and the verses reference many other scripture passages. Elisabeth, who is pregnant with John the Baptist at the time, confirms to Mary that she is indeed carrying the Lord’s Christ.

Out of Egypt have I called my son
So out of darkness and from the prison houses come
Into the way, into the life
That lighteth all the world

O, my soul doth magnify the Lord (3x)
O, my soul

In the desert of a broken heart
And on the dry ground of a soul that’s torn apart
My spirit pours for all that thirst
Let them come to me and drink

O, my soul doth magnify the Lord (3x)
O, my soul

All we like sheep have gone astray
We have turned every one unto his own way
Unto his own way
All we like sheep have gone astray
But He will turn a humbled heart unto His own way
Unto His own way

Rejoice, rejoice
For Emmanuel has come
Emmanuel has come to thee

“O My Soul” © 2013 Fireseed Music
Excerpt from “O Come, Emmanuel” (1710) translated from Latin by
John M. Neale